Seized? Whining? Grinding? Other Bad Sounds? Out of Warranty? Voided Warranty?

The only eBike parts supplier and service provider in the US exclusively using parts.

We currently offer a service for the Bosch, Brose, Impulse 2, Panasonic and Yamaha.

We offer complete bearing repair / overhaul service for your eBike motor.

If you want to do it yourself we have some helpful and easy to follow resources and videos to guide you.

Is your motor out of warranty? Did you do something to void your factory warranty and don’t want to spend the high price to replace it with a new one? Are you fed up with your eBike motors not lasting as long as you would want for such a high price? Does It seem like just looking at the Bosch, Brose (specialized), or Yamaha eBike and eAssist motors the wrong way voids the warranty? Did you race one race in the mud or water and suddenly your motor whines, gurrrs, grinds, or actually seize up? Does you bike shop want to send it in to the manufacturer and not touch it at all?

We have you covered. In about the time it would take for the manufacture to actually receive your motor we can get yours overhauled and sent back to get you back on the trail. We want you to feel confident too that’s why we offer a full parts and service warranty on any work we perform.

The usual suspects for death of these joyful machines is water ingress. Many of the systems are unsealed. This in many cases can void factory warranties. We can rescue them from the dead and even help prevent this kind of thing from happening again! With our parts we can be repair your eBike motor for just about everything that goes wrong with the Bosch performance line cx, the Brose S, Brose T, and Brose S Mag, and the Yamaha PW, Yamaha PW-X motors. That about covers all of the major manufactures like, Trek, Specialized, Cannondale, and more.

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